Klubben History Established 1978

The Madison Torske Klubben was established based on the desire to bring together men of Norwegian ancestry to share good fellowship and traditional Norwegian food and drink. On the initiative of Eugene J. Nordby, seven men met at his home on December 7, 1977 to discuss the formation of a luncheon club modeled after Torske Klubben, the Norwegian Luncheon Club in Minneapolis which was established in 1933. After a visit to the Minneapolis club, they decided that a sister organization should be established in Madison, WI.

Letters of invitation were extended to a group of men of Norwegian heritage to join in a Saturday noon luncheon of Torske, flatbread, boiled potatoes, and a little aquavit. On September 9, 1978 thirty-eight Charter Members convened at the Concourse Hotel with a delegation invited from the Minneapolis group. Boss Gene Nordby presided and Robert W. Oelke from the Minneapolis club served as Master of Ceremonies. Their longtime Boss Roy N. Thorshov was the speaker, appropriately talking about the history of their club.

Founders of the Torske Klubben of Madison

Roland B. Day
Eugene J. Nordby
Carl R. Loper, Jr.
Byron C. Ostby
Eldred M. Swingen
Gerhard B. Naeseth
Ralph E. Thorp, Jr.

Charter Members--September 9, 1978

Robert W. Aagaard
Anton Arneson Jr.
Carl F. Arneson
Paul M. Berge
Allan Bringe
Leslie G. Broderson
Roland B. Day
Milo G. Flaten
Robert Furreboe
Paul H. Graven
Dale A. Hoff
Olaf A. Hougen
Leon Isaksen
John F. Jenswold
Gordon N. Johnsen
Leroy A. Johnson
Martin H. Johnson, Jr.
Stanley S. Klyve
Robert G. Lee
Carl R. Loper, Jr.
Trygve Lonnebotn
Phillip R. Mell
Gerhard B. Naeseth
Rodney Nilstuen
Eugene J. Nordby
David R. Ohnstad
Clarence E. Olson
Byron C. Ostby
William R. Sauey
Magnus M. Selbo
Toby E. Sherry
Robert D. Sundby
Eldred M. Swingen
O.J. Thompto
Ralph E. Thorp, Jr.
Clarence Thorstad
Elmer C. Thorstad
J. Kent Tweeten

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