Lutefisk Dinners Slated In State 2010 

Hey, for all you lutefisk lovers—here’s a list of some of the lutefisk dinners in the area. Take your pick!!!

Oct 16th Vermont Lutheran Church Black Earth
Oct 23rd Son of Norway-Idun Lodge Madison
Oct 23rd Five Points Lutheran Church Blue River
Oct 30th Orfordville Lutheran Church Orfordville
Nov 5th Bonnet Prairie Lutheran Church Rio
Nov 5th Lakeview Lutheran Church Madison
Nov 6th Our Savior’s Lutheran Church West Salem
Nov 6th Barneveld Lutheran Church Barneveld
Nov 6th West Koshkonong Lutheran Cottage Grove
Nov 13th Christ Lutheran Church DeForest
Nov 13th Sons of Norway-Nordland Lodge Janesville
Nov 14th Sons of Norway-Vennskap Lodge Sheboygan
Dec 5th Christ Lutheran Church Stoughton

For more information see:

Hey, Ole, That's Darn Cheap Lutefisk

The Capital Times
Thursday, October 13, 2005
By Mike Miller

As you get ready to plan your lutefisk eating season, which kicks off this week with the feast at the venerable Vermont Lutheran Church, consider yourself lucky.

Had your grandparents, parents or you decided to remain in Norway instead of migrating to America, you would be paying about four times as much to enjoy the annual dinner of cod soaked in a brine -- must we say it -- that includes lye.

While prices in the southern Wisconsin lutefisk area remain in the $12 to $13 range for the all-you-can-eat (cynics would say all you can stand) gourmet fish dinner, in southern Norway the cost is much higher.

At Alma's Spisestue in the hotel Fagerborg in Lillestorm, just a short train hop from downtown Oslo, our reliable spies are reporting the cost of a lutefisk dinner this year is NOK 345, up from NOK 315 last year. That translates into roughly $53 in U.S. dollars.

There are always persistent rumors at lutefisk feeds in this country that folks in the old country have given up eating the delightfully prepared, aromatic cod. But that is not true and in fact, lutefisk has made such a comeback that it is now featured in numerous upper-crust restaurants as a seasonal special from October through the holidays.

Such top-notch restaurants as the Gamle Radhus, Stortorvets Gjestgiveri, Handverkeren and the Annen Etage in the Hotel Continental in downtown Oslo feature lutefisk at this time of year, with the Engebret Cafe being perhaps the most famous lutefisk serving spot in Norway's capital city.

Aside from costs, there are some other obvious differences between lutefisk dinners here and there, beginning with the site. While most of ours are in church basements or Sons of Norway lodges, in Norway, restaurants are the prime locations. And there is a marked difference in the side dishes and beverages served with the fish. The typical lutefisk dinner in Wisconsin features meatballs, lefse, mashed potatoes, some form of vegetable and lots of sweets for dessert.

The restaurant fare in Norway almost always features stewed peas, or ertestuing, as one side dish, a special type of potato called mandelpoteter, and usually includes cheeses such as Edamer from the Netherlands or the famous Norwegian brown goat cheese called geitost.

In Wisconsin, we top our lutefisk with melted butter and occasionally a white cream sauce. In Norway, toppings range from bacon and melted bacon fat to numerous types of mustard to maple syrup.

And of course, in Norway you would wash down the lutefisk with plenty of beer and the occasional dram of aquavit, while it is nearly impossible to find such beverages in the Lutheran church basements here.

Incidentally, the cost of the beer and aquavit is not included in the $53 tab at Alma's Spisestue, so be prepared to fork over more. Much more. The cost of one glass of beer in Lillestrom this summer was $8 in U.S. dollars.

But if you are content to eat your fish without any beverage except milk or coffee, see below for the annual list of lutefisk feeds in southern Wisconsin, with dates, prices and a sampling of the menu, and a brief reminder that unlike in past years, you still have time to make reservations for Saturday's dinner at the Vermont Lutheran Church.

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