Date Presenter Program
09/09/2023 TBD TBD
10/14/2023 TBD TBD
11/04/2023 TBD TBD
12/09/2023 TBD TBD
01/13/2024 TBD TBD
02/10/2024 TBD TBD
03/16/2024 TBD TBD
04/13/2024 TBD TBD
Date Presenter Program
09/24/2022 Open Group Discussion: Madison Torske Klubben
10/15/2022 Ole Steinkopf Johnsen UW Fall Semester Torske Fdtn Scholar: Stavanger, Oil Capitol of Norway
11/12/2022 TBD TBD
12/03/2022 Thomas Asp MTK Member: Building and Sailing a Viking Boat
01/14/2023 TBD TBD
02/11/2023 TBD TBD
03/18/2023 TBD TBD
04/15/2023 TBD TBD
Date Presenter Program
09/18/2021 Alice in Dairyland
10/09/2021 Torske Foundation board Á Update on Foundation Activities
11/06/2021 TBD TBD
12/11/2021 Connie Lounds Weimer, historian and researcher the Koshkonong Prairie Historical Society Women of the Prairie... The Koshkonong Prairie
01/15/2022 TBD TBD
02/12/2022 TBD TBD
03/19/2022 TBD TBD
04/23/2022 TBD TBD
Date Presenter Program
09/14/2019 Bob McNallie Emigration to Norway
10/19/2019 David Isrealstam "Your doing what every Norwegian wants to do, get a boat and go around"
11/09/2019 Jens Hanson Norwegian Architecture
12/14/2019 Sallie Anna Steiner Thesis presentation
01/18/2020 Terri Van Orman Folklore Village
02/15/2020 Margaret Listug Norwegian Bunads
03/21/2020 TBD TBD
04/11/2020 Torske Klubben Norwegian Student
Date Presenter Program
09/15/2018 Craig Gjerde DNA Testing
10/13/2018 Anna Rue TBD
11/17/2018 Gary Swain Kaskeland
12/15/2018 John Thompson Torske Klubben Foundation
01/19/2019 TBD TBD
02/16/2019 Amber Rose Milk Stealing Witches
03/16/2019 Jason Sederquist Travels in Norway
04/13/2019 TBD TBD
Date Presenter Program
09/16/2017 Carl Gulbranson TBD
10/21/2017 Henrik Gjemdal Power systems of Norway
11/18/2017 Jon Henkes Wisconsin Eye
12/09/2017 David Natvig Loss of Norwegian Language in Ulen, Minnesota
01/13/2018 Karen Rebholz Hardanger Fiddles
02/17/2018 Fenrick and Peck TBD
03/17/2018 Jerry Grytttenholm Lifsreise TBD
04/14/2018 40th Anniversary Celebration
Date Presenter Program
09/24/2016 Chris Johnson Vesterheim
10/22/2016 Mike McCarron Gamle Ode Aquavit
11/19/2016 Leif Erik Engebretson Norwegians are born with skis on, Americans?
12/10/2016 Scott Winner Little Norway
01/21/2017 Alexis Dunnum Norwegian Ag. Systems
02/18/2017 Alec Holcomb Classical Guitar
03/25/2017 Marcus Cederstrom The Viking Sword that Wasn’t: Norwegian-American Legends In Ulen, Minnesota
04/22/2017 Eric Dregni Let’s Go Fishing
Date Presenter Program
09/12/2015 Rev. Bill White Little Oslo
10/10/2015 Bill Amundson Stoughton Folk Art
11/14/2015 TBA TBA
12/12/2015 Glenn Bower Hybrid Auto Power
01/16/2016 TBA TBA
02/13/2016 Kathleen Ernst Chloe Ellefson
03/12/2016 Jerry Davis Outdoor sports topic
04/16/2016 Jesse Gant Lincoln ?
Date Presenter Program
10/04/2014 Phil Dow Redefining Risk and Reward in Today's Economy at Interlachen
11/01/2014 Paul Gilje,
Executive Director
of The Civic Caucus
Human Capital: Minnesota's Strength and Challenge at Interlachen
12/06/2014 Students at Interlachen
01/03/2015 Ladies' Day at Interlachen
02/07/2015 Tom Fisher,
Dean of U of MN
School of Design
The Design Economy at Interlachen
03/07/2015 Lorraine Jensen Runic Studies at Minnesota Valley CC
04/04/2015 Norm Midthun at Interlachen
05/02/2015 Election of Officers Student Presentations at Interlachen
Date Presenter Program
09/08/2012 Randall Davidson History of Wisconsin Public Radio
10/13/2012 Eric Dregne Vikings in the Attic
11/10/2012 David Natvig/Trygve Lonnebotn Torske Klubben Foundation Grant Recipient
12/08/2012 Connie Jarlsberg Experiences of a Medical Missionary in Uganda
01/05/2013 John Kaminski George Washington
02/09/2013 Deb (Asp) Seitz Sailng to Norway in the Viking Ship Hjemkomst
03/09/2013 Tom Martin-Erickson Songs of the Norwegian Emigration
04/13/2013 Susan Schmitz What's Up Downtown Madison
05/04/2013 Svein Ludvigsen, County Governor of Troms Special 35th Anniversary Evening Celebration
Date Presenter Program
09/17/2011 Dick Olson Scandinavian Mystery Novels
10/08/2011 Bjorn "Red" Thompson Engineering Innovations at Oscar Mayer
11/12/2011 Jack Holzhueter Aslak Olsen Liee
12/10/2011 Phil Pellitteri Interesting Insects I Have Known
01/14/2012 Sgt. Chris Boyd, Jim Donald The Madison Police Department's K-9 Unit (dog included)
02/11/2012 Ken Nordlund No Cow Left Behind
03/10/2012 Odd Malme Norway and the UN
04/14/2012 John DeMain Music in Madison
Date Presenter Program
09/04/2010 Doug Moe Experiences of a Journalist in the Mad City
10/02/2010 Doug Pfundheller Ethyl Kvalheim-Rosemaler Extraordinaire
11/06/2010 Gary Gandrud New Consulate Model for the 21st Century and Eight Current Dilemmas facing Norway
12/11/2010 Brad Taylor Wisconsin, Where They Row
01/08/2011 Dan Bromley Torsten Bunde Veblen--19th & 20th Century Norwegian-American Sociologist and Economist
02/12/2011 Joan Peterson Exploring Norway’s Cuisine One Delicious Bite at a Time
03/12/2011 Rodney Dary Norwegian-Americans in the Civil War: The Heg Letters
04/09/2011 Bill Amundson Artist Extraordinaire
Date Presenter Program
09/05/2009 Blaine Hedberg Norwegian American Genealogy Center
10/10/2009 Doug Pfundheller Mandt Wagon Works
11/07/2009 Ellen Smithback
Judy Ferreri
Grieg Concert
12/12/2009 Prof. David M. Spooner Collecting Wild Potatoes throughout the Andes
01/9/2010 Jackson Crawford Colors of Norwegian Culture — Perspectives from a Torske Klubben Grant Recipient and Scandinavian Studies Student
02/13/2010 Carrie Roy Where Sacred Meets the Quivering Profane: Exploring Public And Private Spheres of Lutefisk
03/13/2010 Grieg Chorus Sneak Preview of Sangerfest 2010
04/10/2010 Larry Borchert Sausage on the Steppes
Date Presenter Program
09/13/2008 Harley Refsal "Dalapalooza"--Scandinavian Wood Carver
10/18/2008 Prof. Marshall Onellion Religion, Art and Science
11/08/2008 Prof. John Greenler Cellulose to Ethanol Second Generation Biofuels, Opportunities & Challenges
12/13/2008 Jon Urness WWII Battles
01/10/2009 Prof. C. Marvin Lang Peter Wessel Tordenskiold:Naval Hero Extrordinaire
(Ladies' Day)
Donna Weihofen The Mediterranean Diet and It’s Benefits
03/14/2009 Marcus Osen A Modern Norwegian Sea Saga
04/18/2009 David Keesey-Berg Son of the Old Country
  • September 9, 1978

    The Madison Torske Klubben was established. More...

  • April 16, 1988

    The tenth anniversary was celebrated with a gala party and dance with participation by Robert W. Oelke, Boss Emeritus Roy N. Thorshov and Boss James A. Halls from the Minneapolis club.

  • January 17, 1991

    King Harald V succeeded to the throne. Born February 21, 1937 in his parents home, country estate of Skaugum near Olso, only son of Crown Prince Olav (later King Olav V) and Crown Princess Martha, first Prince born in Norway for 567 years.

  • April 17, 1993

    The fifteenth anniversary was celebrated at the regular meeting again with participation from the Minneapolis club.

  • April 11, 1998

    The twentieth anniversary was celebrated with a gala dinner. This was a special occasion as the only Boss till then, Dr. Eugene J. Nordby, stepped down, handing the gavel to Trygve Lonnebotn. The evening was a roast of Boss Nordby with Carl R. Loper, Jr. serving as the Master of Ceremonies. Boss Donald J. Omodt represented our "Mothership", the Minneapolis club.

  • April 2003

    The Silver anniversary was celebrated with a gala dinner along with a group of representatives from the Minneapolis sister club.

  • April 2008

    The Madison Torske Klubben celebrated it’s 30th Anniversary in 2008 with a gala event at the Madison Club. Special guests from our sister clubs in Minneapolis and Chicago helped us to celebrate this special event. The speaker was the Honorable Shirley Abrahamson, Chief Justice, Wisconsin Supreme Court.

All meeting times are scheduled for 12:00 PM and are held at the Madison Club. Directions for the Madison Club can be found here.