Current Practices

Torske Klubben of Madison has adopted many of the Minneapolis practices, but with some modifications. Monthly meetings are held on a Saturday from September through April, avoiding Badger home football games and other distractions. Members with birthdays that month are required to serve aquavit. (The Boss assigns a birthday month to others.) Each month a member is selected by the Boss to server as Master of Ceremonies. A guest speaker is the focal point of each meeting.

Leadership in Torske Klubben resides in one man, the Boss, supported by fellow officers and a Board of Directors, which he may or may not consult as there are no formal rules of procedure for this organization. However, a standard operating procedure has developed and is now practiced. Each meeting is opened by singing the Norwegian National Anthem, "Ja, Vi Elsker Dette Landet", and is closed by singing the National Anthem of the United States, "The Star Spangled Banner".

Members are encouraged to bring guests and to introduce them to the membership. The majority of these guests are shy and reticent, but when one who is exceptionally bold or calls for greater attention during his introduction it is required that his host respond with a suitable donation to Vesterheim, the organization's philanthropy. Part of the annual dues is also donated to this cause. Members are expected to attend meetings regularly and failure to meet this requirement will result in expulsion.

Once a year, typically in February near Valentines's Day, the members may invite their chosen lady to the luncheon. No introduction of guests is made, although it is traditional to have a greeting from the ladies and present them with a gift representative of Norway. Once a year the Norwegian students at the University are invited, usually in November, and one meeting a year is focused on our philanthropy, Vesterheim.